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Since 2001 I have not drawn my cartoons with pen and watercolour on artist’s paper as I used to. Instead, I draw on an electronic tablet with a special pen, and the drawing comes up directly on the computer. Alternatively, I may rough out a small pencil sketch in my sketchbook, scan it in, and redraw and colour it on the computer.

The program I use lets me to choose to “draw” with any of the conventional artists’ tools, such as charcoal, chalk, 2b pencil, pen and ink, air-brush, watercolour, oils, oil pastels and many others.

There is no “original” as such, on paper. When people want to collect an original, I print a digital original, which consists of a high quality ink-jet archival print on artists’ acid-free paper. The printer’s inks are as stable and permanent as artists’ watercolour, and the quality and richness of the colours is amazing. The digital original is unique and is a collectable artwork the same as an old fashioned original. I digitally erase the signature that appeared on the cartoon in the newspaper, and sign the digital original personally, with the notation 1/1. This means it is number one of an edition of one.

The price varies a bit depending on the bidders, but it is approximately A$300 plus GST (10%), packaging and freight.

To purchase an original, phone me on 61-3-9292-2841 (The Australian) or 61-3-9326-5081 (the Rubbery Figures studio) or email me at nicholsonp[at], or at studio[at], or via the contact page.