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If you don’t do Facebook, but want to be informed about the campaign and any new decisions of the Shire, join our mailing list. Send your name, email address and, if you wish, your phone number using the form below. We will never give your email or phone to anyone else. You will get an email about once a month with developments. If there are any special events like public meetings about the path you will be notified.

You can contact me using the form above, or email me directly at

To join the Beleura Cliff Path Facebook Group: Go to This group page will keep you in the loop about the campaign to save the path. You can post photos, comments, observations, and things of general interest.

To contact Peter Nicholson, convenor of Cliff Path Steering Group:
Use the form above or contact me directly here:

The Beleura Cliff Path Steering Group was formed after the public meeting on December 2014. We are non-elected, independent residents of Mornington who put our names forward because we are greatly attached to the Beleura Cliff Path, and want to see it preserved in good order for ever. We are not affiliated with the Mornington Shire in any way, or anyone else. We have made it clear we will criticize the Shire it we think they are not doing their job properly. However, we also aim to work with them as cooperatively as possible on all issues related to the cliff path, and to help keep them informed about problems if they arise.