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Rubbery Figures Pty Ltd is the company that Peter Nicholson has used for many years as the production entity for various TV, video, and web animation projects and for his newspaper cartoons and other cartoon projects. Mary is the go-to person if you want to request a print or get a quote on a job. She works on various film/web projects for Rubbery Figures as a voice talent and as the administrative arm of the company. Rubbery Figures Pty Ltd is owned by Peter and Mary Nicholson.

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You can also contact us by phone. Call Peter Nicholson in the Rubbery Figures studio on 0400-326-306. If you’d prefer not to use the form above you can also email direct:
Mary Nicholson, who is responsible for print orders, copyright requests, management and accounts, can be contacted on

Peter Nicholson conceived, designed, and made the Rubbery Figures television programs through Rubbery Figures Pty Ltd, for The ABC and Channel 7’s Fast Forward from 1987 – 91, and filmed them in the Rubbery Figures studio in Melbourne. Peter was also the sculptor who made the caricature puppets. He made the Rubbery Figures web animations for The Australian on-line from 2005 to 2008.

He has made six bronze busts for The Prime Ministers Avenue in Ballarat – Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd, and Gillard.