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Reproduce a cartoon


All images on this site are copyright. However, different rules apply in different cases.
Non-commercial Publications:

It is OK with me to reproduce these cartoons in completely non-commercial publications. You don’t need to ask permission. This saves everyone a lot of paperwork, especially me. It’s also OK to put the cartoon on your website or blog, but in return I ask you to put a link to or

In other words, it is Ok to use the cartoons in lectures, on overhead projectors, newsletters, pamphlets, student newspapers, academic papers, community broadsheets, political websites, personal diatribes, your thesis, your self-published book, or practically any similar publication if it is genuinely non-commercial. You do not need to ask. Just go ahead and use it, and give a credit or link as described below. Likewise, you are more than welcome to put a link to my animations, and to download the jpeg of the little promo that goes with the animation.

However, you must put a credit to The Australian (see below).

Please don’t use them in such a way as to imply that I, Peter Nicholson, personally support you or your organization. The cartoon says what it says, and I’m delighted if you want to use it, but I may not agree with what your or your organization stands for. For the same reason, please don’t use them in election pamphlets. This can give the impression that I endorse a particular party.

Commercial Publications:

With commercial or profit-making books or websites, I expect that you will pay a royalty. The rates vary, but they are quite modest.. You should email Mary Nicholson on maryn[at] or write to The Rubbery Figures Studio, 44 Melrose Street, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051 AUSTRALIA.

The cartoons may not be published any commercial newspaper or magazine. The Australian pays me to produce the cartoons exclusively for them.


Under the cartoon, please print the following credit:

Cartoon by Nicholson from “The Australian” newspaper:


It is not OK to alter a cartoon in any way, e.g. to alter the captions, or cut out or add characters, or reconstruct the meaning of the cartoon in some way.

File size for printing:

If you are going to print a cartoon on paper, cartoons downloaded from this website will not reproduce well, as the files are too small. They look fine on the pixels of your screen, but they will look soft and pixillated it you try to print them. You can email Mary Nicholson at maryn[at] and get a larger jpeg. There is an archive fee of $50 for this service, because it is rather time-consuming.