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Recession Rap Rubbery Figures Hawke Keating Elliott

The Recession Rap. The music & lyrics to “The Recession Rap” were written by David Atkin, Peter Benson & Troy Hazard, and the music was produced by David Atkin & Peter Benson for Keynote Audio Productions. The clip was filmed in the Melbourne studio of Rubbery Figures with the usual Rubbery crew, and voices by Paul Jennings.

RF Series 1 Episode 2 ABC 1987

Rubbery Figures Series 1 ABC Episode 2 1987 Hawke Keating John Howard Incentivation Joh Bjelke-Petersen Labor media policy Holmes a Court Kerry Packer Rupert Murdoch Bill Hayden Ian Sinclair

RubberyF Series 1 This one ABC Ep 1 Play date 3 Feb1987

Rubbery Figures Series 1 Ep one Play Date 3 Feb 1987 Hawke Keating Media Policy President Ronald Reagan on arms sales to Iran David Lange on Americas Cup Joh Bjelke-Petersen on control of media, Don Chip, Genghis, Jonn Howard positions

RF Series 1 ep 4 broadcast 24 2 87

Rubbery Figures Series 1 Episode 4, 24-2-1987: Howard’s Tax Picnic at Hanging Rock, Namibia batting clinic, Media Policy, Love or Money tax policy with Peacock, Howard and Sinclair, Bjelke olive branch to Sinclair, Love or Money on Hawke Socialism

RF Series 1 ep 5 went to air 3 March 87

Rubbery Figures series 1 episode 5, aired 3 March 1987. Bjelke family, Reagan on arms sales, Joh Bjelke Petersen explains everything, Fraser trouses in Memphis, Joh feeds chooks, Ronald Reagan memories, Gorbachev admire Bjelke, Hawke econonomy

Rubbery Figures Series 1 Episode 7 ABC to air 17 Mar 1987

Rubbery Figures Series 1 Episode 7 ABC to air 17 March 1987 Joe Bjelke-Petersen Demolition Derby RSL Immigration Policy Buy a newspaper Up Ship Creek John Cain Comedy Festival Neville Wran on trial Polls Polls Polls Hawke Keating Peacock

Rubbery Figures Series 1 Episode 9 31 March 1987

Joh Bjelke-Petersen to Canberra, Jeff Kennett car-phone tapes, Maggie Thatcher meets Gorbachev nuclear weapons, Hawke early election, state of journalism feeding chooks, quiz Howard opinion poll, Hawke Keating garage sale, Hawke tease Howard on Kennett car-phone tapes

Hot Air Balloon

Bob Hawke and Paul Keating in hot air balloon. “No Australian child will be living in poverty” Australian politics history ALP Labor election promises Rubbery Figures 1989 Puppets Peter Nicholson Voices Paul Jennings

Garage Sale

Bob Hawke and Paul Keating hold a garage sale to get rid of their junk. Australian history and politics. Satire. Voices: Paul Jennings. Puppets: Peter Nicholson. Produced 1987 for the ABC by the Rubbery Figures studio.

Love or Money

Rubbery Figures. Andrew Peacock John Howard and Ian Sinclair discuss a rare antique. Australian politics, history. Voices: Paul Jennings, Puppets Peter Nicholson. Produced in the Rubbery Figures studio, Melbourne, for the ABC 1979.