Budget black hole cartoon Julia Gillard Wayne Swan deficit surplus mining 2012-09-25

Budget black hole cartoon Gillard Swan mining

Budget black hole

The government is delusional when it says Mining employs few people. When the government employs teachers, environmentalists, artists and all the things we like and need, where does it get the money? A lot of it comes from mining.

Question: Is it humanly possible to go on doing cartoons about the budget surplus or deficit until April next year, or longer?

Aseem Trivedi an Indian cartoonist arrested for sedition for his cartoons

Aseem Trivedi Indian cartoonist charged with sedition for this cartoon

Cartoonist arrested for sedition

This cartoon is not by me but is a work by Indian cartoonist and activist Aseem Trivedi. A few days ago he was arrested for sedition. I’m not sure which particular cartoon he was arrested for. The cartoon shown here is one of a string of cartoons by him attacking corruption in the Indian political system. Read more? http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/sep/11/india-sedition-laws-aseem-trivedi